Monsoon Season and Your Roof in Arizona

|Enrique Borboa


Starting June 1st, monsoon season in Tucson begins. If you are a new resident here, you probably didn’t know that the desert comes alive for four months from June to September as a result of heavy rains and huge storms. Your new house in Arizona may experience quite the hit to its roof during this time of year. Be prepared.

After Every Storm, Check Your Roof

Monsoons not only hit with heavy rain, but also intense winds. They are the desert version of a tropical storm. Lightning is highly possible, fires can happen, and even hail has dropped on homes during this time of year. After every storm, climb a ladder and look at your roof. Make sure there does not seem to be anything dented, lost, swinging, or loose. 

If Something’s Awry, Call a Roofing Contractor

If you do see something awry after a monsoon storm, contact a roofing contractor right away. It should be repaired before the next big storm arrives. Otherwise, your roof could end up leaking a ton of rain and creating a lot of expensive water damage. If you can’t get up to your roof and look around, call a contractor to take a look for you. It’s also safer to have a contractor take a look for you.

If You Can, Check Your Roof Before Monsoon Season Begins

It’s also a good idea to be proactive and have your roof checked before monsoon season begins. Then you can see if there is any pre-existing damage to your roof prior to your first monsoon experience living in Arizona. Making repairs before the rains and winds come will help make your roof stronger and hold up better during the storms. Better yet, you should have gotten a roof inspection prior to buying a house in Arizona, but if you did not, it isn’t too late now.

monsoon season Arizona rain roof damage winds inspection lightning
|Enrique Borboa


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