Why a Leaky Roof Is a Dangerous Roof

|Enrique Borboa


Discovering a leaky roof in your home can be stressful, especially if you have never experienced a leaking roof or any issues with your roof in the past. Understanding how to identify potential leaks while knowing why they can be dangerous if left unattended is essential when you want to take care of any issue that arises in your home as quickly as possible. When you know what to expect if your roof begins to leak, you can take the appropriate steps and actions to rectify the situation immediately. 

Mold and Mildew Growth

Unfortunately, one of the biggest risks of allowing a roof to continue to leak (even if the leak is small), is the growth of mildew and in some cases, even mold. Sitting and standing water has the potential to trigger the growth of mold, mildew, and various bacteria, depending on surrounding conditions, outside temperature, and climate. Allowing mold and mildew to spread in the roof or even in your attic space can lead to adverse health effects, especially if the mold spores begin to spread through the vents and ductwork in the home.

When mold and mildew are ignored for any duration of time, they have the potential to trigger an array of side effects and adverse responses in the body. From traditional allergies and allergic reactions to respiratory issues and even serious respiratory infections, there are many risks involved with allowing mold and mildew to thrive and grow anywhere in or around the home. Mold and mildew are also far more likely to negatively impact those who are ill or individuals who have weakened and/or compromised immune systems.

Insulation Damage

Another issue that comes standard with a leaky roof is the damage that can be done to your interior insulation. Roofing insulation is not cheap, which is why it is so important to protect and preserve it as best as possible from moisture and other leaks. If the insulation used in your attic becomes saturated with rainwater from outside, it will instantly become dramatically less effective. When your roofing insulation is damaged and soaked with water, you will also likely notice an uptick in your energy and electric bills each month, as the insulation is no longer working properly or providing you with the insulation you need, especially during the cold winter months of the year.

Electrical Risks

When there is a major leak in the roof or anywhere in the home, it is important to reman cognizant and aware of the potential electrical hazards or risks you may be surrounded by at the time. When a leaky roof causes water to enter the home and the interior of your walls, there is an added risk of the water coming in contact with electrical wiring and even outlets you use each day in the home. If you notice major spots of water on your walls or on any of the ceilings in your home, it is likely time to call on professional roofers to help address the severity of the leak while determining what solution is best for your needs.

If you want to avoid electrical risks and hazards in the home after discovering a leaky roof, you will want to contact local professional roofers as quickly as possible. Shutting off the power in the home is also recommended if it is possible to do so without putting yourself in harm’s way.

Permanent Structural Damage

The biggest risk of any type of leak in the roof or even in its insulation is long-term or permanent structural damage. Unfortunately, when a roof leak is left unattended to, there is a drastic risk structural damage that is likely to occur over time. As water seeps into your home’s rafter’s, beams, joists, and even various structural components, the materials will weaken over time. Even metal pieces of equipment that are waterlogged for a period of time are likely to rust, becoming ineffective in holding your roof and your home’s structure in place. When you allow your roof to leak continuously without a thorough professional inspection or repair, you will also increase the costs of repairing your roof once the time does come to take action. 

Knowing the reasons why a leaky roof is dangerous is imperative whether you’re a long-term homeowner or you have just moved into your home recently. Paying attention to the interior and exterior of your roof year-round will prevent major structural or permanent damage with proper monitoring and routine inspections or maintenance services. With an understanding of the potential risks, you are taking on as a homeowner if you ignore a leaky roof, you can determine when the time is right to turn the pros. If your home has a leaky roof and you are unsure of how to tackle the issue head-on, getting in touch with professionals can streamline the process while protecting your home.

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|Enrique Borboa


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